Bernardeschi: Who Does not Like Juve?

Bernardeschi: Who Does not Like Juve?

Federico Bernardeschi gave an answer to the issue that linked him to Juventus Bola Online Terpercaya.

Juve emerged as leaders for Bernardeschi’s signature in recent weeks, and the Fiorentina star admits his admiration for the Bianconeri despite the tough competition between the two clubs.

“I had a good season last season, I’m growing like any other Fiorentina player,” he told the media.

“I grew up and realized that. I try to do everything with confidence.

“But now I have to confirm my progress, and if possible, more. I am ready to start the season again.

“Where? I think with Fiorentina at their training ground. Juve? I do not know, I am calm and not in a hurry.

“I always thought that everyone should do his job. I do my job, which is trying to look good.

“Now it’s my agent and club’s turn. I do not want to interfere, but I repeat, I do not want to rush. Who does not want to play for Juve? “

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