This Indonesian National Team Requirements Qualify U-23 Asian Cup

Kalah 1-3, Timnas Indonesia U-22 Dipermalukan Myanmar

This Indonesian National Team Requirements Qualify U-23 Asian Cup

Indonesia U-22 national team will fight in the U-23 Asia Cup qualification 2018 which took place in Bangkok, Thailand starting July 19, 2017 Bandar Judi Terpercaya. Luis Milla’s team is a group with the host Thailand, Malaysia and Mongolia.

Malaysia became the first test of U-22 national team in U-23 Asian Cup qualifier Group H. Game Garuda Young contra Malaysia took place on Wednesday (19/7/2017) at National Stadium, Bangkok.

Furthermore, Hansamu Yama Pranata and his friends will be challenged Mongolia in the same place on Friday (21/07/2017). Finally, Indonesia U-22 national team face Thailand on Sunday (07/23/2017).

From 40 countries the participants are divided into 10 groups in Asian Cup Qualification U-23 2018. China became host country of the 2018 U-23 Asian Cup finals.

Only 10 group winners and five best runners-ups from qualifying qualify for the U-23 Asian Cup final. Indonesia U-22 national team must be a group winner if you want to ensure the ticket to the finals.

If Garuda Young wants to qualify as the best runner-up, at least two wins must be won so it pocketed six points. It also needs to be added a large goal difference to have more advantage than runner up-runner up from another group.

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